Zakaria: Biden Gave ‘No New Policy, Really, Toward Russia’

Zakaria: Biden Gave ‘No New Policy, Really, Toward Russia’

March 2, 2022

During CNN’s State of the Union coverage on Tuesday, CNN host Fareed Zakaria mildly criticized President Biden’s speech contained “no new policy, really, toward Russia” aside from the “very small, incremental adjustment” of banning Russian aircraft from U.S. airspace.

Zakaria began by saying that the speech was “a very strong speech, delivered well, started well, ended well. A very traditional State of the Union speech, and what he said, I think, showed resolution, showed determination.”

Very strong? Did the sycophantic Zakaria watch the same SOTU address everyone else did?

He continued, “There was no new policy, really, toward Russia. The ban on Russian aircraft is a very small, incremental adjustment. I wish there had been a little bit more on how there are probably going to need to be daily incremental adjustments, by which I mean the costs have to keep ratcheting up for Vladimir Putin. Biden framed the whole issue very powerfully. I just hope that Americans understand that this does not come cost-free. And it seemed to me he was anxious to get to the very important part of his domestic agenda, where he said some very important things. But, you know, this crisis is not going away.”

The crisis is not going away because the Biden administration needs to continue to exploit it: as a distraction from its other domestic and foreign policy disasters, to try to boost Biden’s abysmal job approval rating, and to accelerate the Democrat agenda to bankrupt the fossil fuel industry and go “green.”

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