X Strips ‘Verified’ Badge from NY Times Over False Gaza Headline

X Strips ‘Verified’ Badge from NY Times Over False Gaza Headline

October 23, 2023

X (formerly Twitter) stripped the propaganda outlet The New York Times of its gold verification badge just days after the “paper of record” accepted the word of Hamas that Israel had targeted a hospital in Gaza with a rocket and killed 500 people.

The truth was that 1) Islamic terrorists associated with Hamas launched that rocket at Israeli civilians, and it went awry, landing near their own hospital; 2) the images appear to show that the hospital was barely even grazed; and 3) the casualties are more in the neighborhood of 50 dead, not 500.

The Times now has a far-less prestigious and authoritative blue verification badge, which X users can purchase with a monthly subscription.

Another left-wing propaganda outlet, the Washington Post, freaked out over the Times losing its little gold badge, whining that “Musk has adopted the kinds of secretive social media tactics he and Twitter’s conservative critics once loudly denounced… The verification system change has made it more challenging for users to seek out official or authoritative information during major news events.”

John Nolte at Breitbart News notes that “nowhere in the Post article does it mention all the lies the Times has told over the years, including this latest lie about Israel bombing a hospital, which did exactly what the Times wanted it to do — stir up anti-Israel hate and violence all over the globe.”

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