Wikipedia Scrubs Page of Potential VP Kamala Harris

Wikipedia Scrubs Page of Potential VP Kamala Harris

July 9, 2020

Breitbart News reports that the Wikipedia page of failed presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, who is considered a likely choice for Joe Biden’s running mate, has undergone significant sanitizing by an editor formerly associated with Harris’ campaign.

The Wikipedia editor “Bnguyen1114,” responsible for most of the significant scrubbing, has been identified as Bao Nguyen, a Bay area lawyer who served as a “Volunteer Organizing Leader” for the Harris campaign.

Among the material removed: a paragraph regarding her defense of Orange County prosecutors implicated in widespread misconduct; details about a campaign finance violation involving Harris’ campaign for District Attorney; and details about Harris benefiting in her early political career from a relationship with future San Francisco mayor Willie Brown. The edits also included unsourced additions of gushingly positive material.

Anyone with experience browsing Wikipedia knows that the site is crawling with leftist trolls manipulating information. Its political pages cannot be trusted

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