Whoopi to DeSantis: Women Are Woke — ‘We’re Watching You’

Whoopi to DeSantis: Women Are Woke — ‘We’re Watching You’

May 30, 2023

Tuesday on ABC’s The View, Whoopi Goldberg told her co-hostesses that women were “watching” Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) because of his anti-woke agenda.

On Fox News, DeSantis said, “Because everyone knows if I’m the nominee, I will beat Biden, serve two terms, and I will be able to destroy leftism in this country and leave woke ideology on the dustbin of history.”

Co-host Joy Behar said, “Yale University will take anybody these days? He went to Yale. He will destroy leftism. Really? That’s a lot of people in the country. And he will get rid of wokism? You know what, I’m woke, and I’m proud of it. Okay?”

Goldberg said, “Hey, Ron, you know being asleep as you are, and have been for quite some time — see, many of us have been awake this whole time. We don’t have any choice. We don’t have a choice as women to rest up and be asleep and see things just — we don’t have time for that. So, you want to fight all of us? You’re gonna be fighting your own women as well because they’re not going to take this ridiculousness that you are thrusting. It’s not like they’re voting for this. You are making these decisions for your state. We’re watching you, Ron.”

What idiots these proudly woke women are.

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