Whoopi Unhinged: I Believe DeSantis ‘Wants to Be a Dictator’

Whoopi Unhinged: I Believe DeSantis ‘Wants to Be a Dictator’

July 19, 2023

Wednesday on ABC’s daytime gabfest The View, unhinged moron Whoopi Goldberg told her equally shallow co-hostesses that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) wanted to be a dictator.

When asked on CNN about former President Trump possibly being charged for the events of January 6, 2021, DeSantis had said, “I don’t think it serves us good to have a presidential election focused on what happened four years ago in January. So I want to focus on looking forward. I don’t want to look back.”

Goldberg said, “What’s interesting about these people you talked about not even saying or admitting that anything wrong was done, it’s because they want to do the same thing. DeSantis wants the same kind of country. I believe that he also wants to also be a dictator. I believe many of these folks who are defending this think this is an interesting prospect. I have to tell you, I never thought in my lifetime that I would see this country come as close to dictatorship as I’ve seen, ever.”

What planet is she living on? Planet Progressive Bubble, apparently. She’s ideologically incapable of seeing how authoritarian and unconstitutional the Biden administration is

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