Whoopi: Republicans Yelling During Biden SOTU ‘Despicable’

Whoopi: Republicans Yelling During Biden SOTU ‘Despicable’

February 9, 2023

Wednesday on ABC’s progressive propaganda outlet The View, unhinged rabble-rouser Whoopi Goldberg told her equally intelligence-challenged co-hosts that Republicans who yelled out during alleged President Biden’s State of the Union address were acting “despicable.”

Race-mongering co-host Sunny Hostin said, “Remember it was Joe Wilson who yelled at Obama, ‘You lie.’ That lack of decorum had never been shown before. They made him apologize to the White House, and he did so. I think if Marjorie Taylor Greene yelled ‘liar’ at the president of the United States, she should apologize for it. I wonder if Kevin McCarthy has the cajones to force her.”

Whoopi said, “What bothers me is I listen to people say we say we need to find a better way to talk to each other, and then we see these adults showing their behind, as my mother would say, and indulging in despicable behavior. You don’t have to like what he says. But you owe him the respect. He is the president. For God’s sake, we had to listen to you-know-who, and nobody yelled. Nobody said you’re a liar. You’re a moron. Nancy tore up the paper when it was finished. Get your party in order, man. You need to get your party in order.”

Co-host Joy Behar, purportedly a comedienne but actually one of the most hateful figures on television, said, “When Nancy tore that up, it was a very subtle way to do it. Yelling out is so junior high.”

Yes, ripping up President Trump’s SOTU address in full view of the cameras was very “subtle” and totally not a lack of decorum. Pelosi and her entire party, as well as the shrews of The View, showed Trump so much respect throughout his term and beyond.

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