Whoopi: GOP Snowflakes Can’t Handle Women ‘Doing Things,’ Drag Queens, People of Color

Whoopi: GOP Snowflakes Can’t Handle Women ‘Doing Things,’ Drag Queens, People of Color

March 3, 2023

Thursday on ABC’s The View, Whoopi Goldberg told her co-hosts that she believed Republicans were “snowflakes” who want to get “rid” of women, drag queens and people of color.

Goldberg was responding to comedian Bill Maher’s recent commentary about how “the left lost the definition of woke.”

On CNN, Maher had said, “Democrats sometimes can take it too far. I would categorize liberal as different than woke. Woke started out as a good thing. An alert to injustice, who can be against that? But became an eye roll because they love diversity except of ideas. Abraham Lincoln was not a controversial figure among liberals. We liked him. Now they take his name off schools and tear down his statues. Really, Lincoln isn’t good enough?”

Goldberg defended the far-Left’s rampant destruction of commemorations of the past, explaining, “That statue wasn’t good enough. It showed a slave at Lincoln’s feet. We’re tearing down statues that are really not in tune with where we are as a nation.”

First, “tearing down statues” is not how you move forward as a nation. It’s how you destroy a connection with your own past. Second, destroying anything that “isn’t in tune with where we are” is a totalitarian excuse for eradicating dissent and opposition. Whoopi, like all progressives, is a totalitarian at heart.

She then launched into a bigoted, incoherent rant:

All those folks that use that word, woke, all the time, y’all were asleep. We were never asleep. We had to stay awake watching you. So you woke up and thought ‘Oh, my God, there’s lots of women running amuck doing things they are not supposed to be doing and drag queens everywhere and oh my God, people of color.’ You know, you always talk about the snowflakes, look in the mirror. Y’all can’t seem to handle anything. You can’t seem to handle competition from Democrats to Republicans. You can’t seem to handle the discussions of why people feel the way they do. Your idea is to get rid of everything. So stop calling us snowflakes.

No, it’s the Left’s idea to get rid of everything they don’t like, everything that’s not “in tune with where we are.” And we call them snowflakes because they’re the ones who invented safe spaces, micro-aggressions, trigger warnings and the like, precisely because they can’t handle the only diversity that matters, which is diversity of thought.

Whoopi is a hypocrite, in addition to being an incoherent and stupid bigot.

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