Whoopi: GOP Bans Books, Trans People But Won’t Ban Guns

Whoopi: GOP Bans Books, Trans People But Won’t Ban Guns

February 16, 2023

Wednesday on ABC’s propagandistic daytime talk-fest The View, ignorant ranter Whoopi Goldberg told her co-hosts that she did not understand why Republican lawmakers ban books and trans people who don’t kill anyone but will not “ban these guns.”

Goldberg said, “You know, we are just 46 days into this new year of ours and Monday night, we had the 67th mass shooting of 2023 in America. Three students were shot and killed at Michigan State University. Five others are clinging to life.”

Fact check: there have not been 67 mass shootings in 2023.

She continued, “Well, you know, it’s kind of crazy. I think of all the banning of stuff that’s going on in this country, banning of books. Books don’t kill people. Banning of trans people, I don’t know any trans people, or of any trans people that have killed people. But they are ok banning that. They feel comfortable banning that. And they can’t figure out how to ban these guns.”

Fact check: Republicans aren’t banning trans people or books. Republicans simply don’t want damaging medical procedures performed on children too young to make life-altering decisions, or sexually explicit literature made available in school libraries for the consumption of children who are too young to process it. It’s that simple. Leftists like Whoopi are outraged about this because they’re gung-ho about sexualizing children and breaking down the definition of male and female.

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