Whoopi Rant: ‘We Need to Know’ What Guns Americans Own

Whoopi Rant: ‘We Need to Know’ What Guns Americans Own

March 29, 2023

Tuesday on ABC’s The View, professional village idiot Whoopi Goldberg told her equally uninformed but nevertheless opinionated co-hostesses that “we need to know” what guns Americans own.

Goldberg said, “Why are we compromising? You know what I’m tired of? I’m tired of trying to find a way to justify your being able to keep 75 guns in your house. I’m tired of trying to figure out a way to say, listen, we have rules and regulations. The Constitution is very clear. Scalia changed the meaning of what the Constitution says. Scalia changed it.”

The Constitution may be clear, but Whoopi’s purported argument isn’t. She can’t put together a coherent sentence.

She continued, “I have to have a license to drive. It’s not a compromise. We don’t discuss it. You either get a license, or you go to jail. So to me, you want to have 7o or 11 guns. We need to know that. We need to know what you got. Because you are now being painted with the same swab all the people who are killing people left and right with legal guns. We need to know what you got.”

She concluded, “AR-15s have no use in normal daily life. None. Again, I don’t say give up all your guns. I don’t know that you have to have fifty of them, but maybe you do. But I want to know that you got them. I want to be sure that I’m aware of what’s going on in my periphery. If you’re not willing to do that, then we all have a problem. Telling people put armed guards in schools doesn’t work. Talk about Uvalde if you are not sure how that went down. Talk about what kids are dealing with. These are our kids. They may not be your kids, but they are my kids. They are somebody’s kids. What the hell?”

To sum up, Whoopi’s thoughtfully-considered and well-articulated position is, “Guns bad. Gun owners a threat. My kids. What the hell?”

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