Whoopi: Every Time People See 4 Blacks, ‘They Think It’s Antifa’

Whoopi: Every Time People See 4 Blacks, ‘They Think It’s Antifa’

May 4, 2023

Wednesday on ABC’s exercise in brainless bloviating known as The View, ringleader Whoopi Goldberg told her co-hostesses that every time people see four black people together, “they think it’s Antifa.”

Co-hostess Joy Behar said, “I’d like to say something about Antifa because I looked it up. It’s not a highly organized movement. It is a moniker. It’s not a unified group like the Proud Boys are. And more importantly, they are not endorsed by elected leaders the way these Proud Boys are. For example, we know Trump said to the Proud Boys, stand back and standby, which is a signal to them.”

Yes, that’s the level of political insight on The View. Behar “looked up” Antifa online and decided the domestic terror organization is nothing more than a “moniker.” By contrast, she irrelevantly brought up the patriotic Proud Boys for no other reason than to demonize Trump.

Goldberg added, with stunning ignorance, “No one has found Antifa.”

No, no one has found Bigfoot. Antifa actually exists, has wreaked untold property damage and violent assaults over the years, and shows up at pro-life rallies to intimidate and assault people on camera. Countless arrests have been made of actual Antifa members. They have handbooks, strategies, networks, weapons, and supporters (and members) among academics and politicians like President Biden himself, who defended Antifa by labeling it just an “idea.”

Co-hostess Sunny Hostin repeated that nonsensical lie. “It’s clearly an idea. Antifa is not a highly organized movement.”

Well, which is it? Is Antifa an idea, or real people who constitute a loosely-organized terror movement? Is this genius seriously suggesting that because they don’t have a transparent and hierarchical power structure, that they don’t really exist?

Goldberg said, “Where are they? They don’t come on television. There’s no person you can point to and say that person represents Antifa. Every time they see four black people, they think it’s Antifa.”

Says who? Can Whoopi cite one person who thinks this, or is she just trying to racialize the topic? Everyone knows Antifa is dominated almost entirely by whites.

The idiotic propagandist Behar went on to say that the movement is “anti-fascist” because that’s what the name Antifa means.

The stupid propagandist hostesses of this show should all be canned for coming to the defense of a domestic terror movement. If they or ABC had one ounce of intellectual or moral integrity, they would invite someone like journalist Andy Ngo on to explain the truth about Antifa.

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