Whitmer Vetoes Voter Integrity Bills That ‘Perpetuate the Big Lie’

Whitmer Vetoes Voter Integrity Bills That ‘Perpetuate the Big Lie’

October 6, 2021

Totalitarian Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed four bipartisan election integrity bills over the weekend, claiming such measures “suppress the vote” and “perpetuate the ‘Big Lie.’”

Whitmer called the bills, which had substantial support from House Democrats, a “coordinated attack on voting rights” that “is designed to systematically disenfranchise black voters, communities of colors, older voters, college kids.”

“Enrolled House Bills 4837, 4838, and 4492 attempt to suppress the vote or perpetuate the ‘Big Lie’: the calculated disinformation campaign to discredit the 2020 election,” Whitmer stated in her veto letter. “I will have no part in any effort that grants an ounce of credence to this deception, so injurious to our democracy.”

The only calculated disinformation campaign is the leftist one to delegitimize Donald Trump’s re-election victory in 2020. Whitmer’s faux self-righteousness is part of that campaign.

State Rep. Sarah Lightner (R), who sponsored one of the bills, said “I’m not sure how expanding polling locations, and ensuring poll workers and challengers are well trained limits access to voters.”

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