Whitmer: ‘Very Troubling’ Trump ‘Growing Increasingly Unstable’

Whitmer: ‘Very Troubling’ Trump ‘Growing Increasingly Unstable’

November 6, 2020

Thursday on MSNBC, tyrannical Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer stated she found it “very troubling” that President Trump is “growing increasingly unstable and unpatriotic.”

“I think it’s he’s growing increasingly unstable and unpatriotic. And I think it’s very troubling,” Whitmer said. “The difference that you heard out of Joe Biden in the last couple of days is confidence and encouraging people to be patient. This is your our system. It is not always easy. It is not always fast. But we ensure that every vote gets counted, and we abide by the will of the people, and that’s what we need to do here as well.”

Our “system” is being overwhelmed by Democrat cheating, which has been enabled by their urgent push this year for mail-in voting, which is ripe for the voter fraud the Democrats knew they would need to beat Trump.

“I think that, throughout this campaign, the rhetoric has been incredibly dangerous and volatile, and we see that, to this moment. Joe Biden has been focused on really closing his campaign with a call to unity. That we can and must join forces. We have a virus that is raging, out of control, in the United States. We have posted over 100,000 new cases the last couple of days in a row. The highest, by far, since the beginning of our experience with COVID-19. Instead of focusing on bringing us together and rallying against our common enemy, this White House has been focused on sowing the seeds of distrust and hate, American against American.”

On the contrary, it is Trump who has called for unity his entire term, and the Democrats who have engaged in dangerous, volatile hate against Trump supporters, including violence. It is the left that has pitted American against American, and that has weaponized the pandemic to undermine Trump. Whitmer’s draconian lockdown orders and her verbal assaults against patriots defying them are a prime example.

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