Whitmer: Trump’s Threats ‘Unacceptable,’ ‘Petty’ Stuff

Whitmer: Trump’s Threats ‘Unacceptable,’ ‘Petty’ Stuff

May 21, 2020

Thursday on CBS This Morning, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer called President Trump’s threat to withhold federal funding from the state for sending absentee ballot applications to voters “unacceptable.”

The coronavirus pandemic has been “devastating,” Whitmer said. “We are at a point where we think it’s safe to start re-engaging sectors of our economy, but then this flood hits [after two dams broke]. We’ve got to evacuate tens of thousands of people who are worried and scared. On top of this global pandemic. And to have this kind of distraction is just ridiculous, to be honest.

“Threatening to take money away from a state that is hurting as bad as we are right now is just scary, and I think something that is unacceptable. My hope is that today he will be in Michigan… And I’m hopeful that he comes away knowing that that’s what’s most important. No petty political stuff that he had going with the secretary of state yesterday. We’ve got to be focused on doing the right thing right now on behalf of the people.”

Unlike Trump, Whitmer doesn’t care about the people. She is a petty tyrant with her eye on becoming Joe Biden‘s running mate. Michigan deserves better.

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