Whitmer: Trump’s Rhetoric Has Increased Hate Crimes ‘Exponentially’

Whitmer: Trump’s Rhetoric Has Increased Hate Crimes ‘Exponentially’

October 21, 2020

Tuesday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer claimed that President Trump’s rhetoric has caused hate crimes to increase “exponentially over the last four years.”

“I have been confronting death threats since April when sights were first set on me,” Whitmer said. “This is the culmination of this rhetoric and inciting by demonizing leaders, public servants who are just trying to save lives. It is a dangerous moment…

“In the last four years, we have seen an increase in hate speech,” she continued. “We have seen an increase in hate crimes. We have seen an increase in antisemitism. The intolerance has been bubbling, and it has been increasing exponentially over the last four years. I think this is a moment where we really need as a country a leader who can bring us together, can speak to our highest aspirations, and will not stand for this kind of criminal activity that we saw play out and we are continuing to see it play out as more information about this plot kidnapping, and they’re going to put me on trial and apparently execute me was their plan.”

Whitmer has been milking the kidnapping plot for sympathy, but in fact the plotters were anarchists who hate Trump. The truth is that the dangerous rhetoric, as well as 100% of the political violence across the country, can all be laid at the doorstep of the Democratic Party, not the White House.

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