Whitmer: Trump ‘Has Deceived the Public’ About Coronavirus

Whitmer: Trump ‘Has Deceived the Public’ About Coronavirus

September 18, 2020

Thursday on MSNBC, tyrannical Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer reiterated the hysteric Democrat accusation that President Trump holding indoor campaign rallies is a denial that the coronavirus “is still a very real threat.”

“He’s going to be going into quote-unquote swing states and having these rallies, and it’s just — it’s so disturbing because we know, we have made an incredible sacrifice,” Whitmer argued for the umpteenth time in the media. “We put this virus on. We got serious about it. We ramped up testing. We save thousands of lives. We reengaged our economy. Some of our kids are back in school. We’re on the cusp of flu season. Yet you see this behavior from the leader of the free world who is going in and denying this virus is still a very real threat, that it’s still deadly. He knew this for months on end and has deceived the public.”

No, he didn’t deceive the public. Unlike the Democrats, though, he downplayed it so as not to create a panic — while taking appropriate measures to fight it. The left, on the other hand, exacerbated the pandemic through a combination of inept governance and weaponization of the disease to damage Trump.

“We’re going to see, I think, more people as a consequence get sick, and we’re doing our best to keep our numbers down and ramp our testing up and keep our positivity rates low,” added Whitmer, whose draconian lockdowns destroyed her state’s economy.

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