Whitmer on Hot Mic: ‘It’s Shark Week, Motherf*ckers!’

Whitmer on Hot Mic: ‘It’s Shark Week, Motherf*ckers!’

August 19, 2020

In a hot mic moment in a Lansing union hall prior to her Democratic National Convention speech on Monday, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said on camera, “It’s Shark Week, motherf*ckers.”

“It’s not just Shark Week,” Whitmer said, referring to the annual shark-related programming hosted by the Discovery Channel. “It’s Shark Week” — she added, then mouthed “motherf*ckers” to the camera. Caught on video, people can be heard laughing off-camera. “I have learned about the hot mic,” she added to nearby aides.

Shortly after, the tyrannical governor, who had been considered for Joe Biden’s running mate, addressed the DNC, nervously botching her prepared speech.

Whitmer lamented the deaths of Americans from the coronavirus, but as Breitbart News notes, she created a policy that required recovering patients to be placed in nursing homes. There have been 8,041 confirmed cases in long-term care facilities in Whitmer’s Michigan, resulting in 2,082 deaths, with 4,156 confirmed nursing home staff cases and 21 deaths.

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