Whitmer: Lockdown Orders Are ‘Not Optional,’ ‘Not Suggestions’

Whitmer: Lockdown Orders Are ‘Not Optional,’ ‘Not Suggestions’

May 13, 2020

Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer slammed Michigan residents on Monday who are defying her draconian lockdown, warning that her orders are “not a suggestion,” “not optional,” and “not helpful hints.”

After paying lip service to the reality that the pandemic is “frustrating,” the petty tyrant declared, “I expect people to follow the law. These executive orders are not a suggestion. They’re not optional. They’re not helpful hints.” More precisely, what they are is totalitarian and unconstitutional.

And some Michigan patriots are treating them as such. The Michigan attorney general sought a temporary retraining order against barber Karl Manke for refusing to close his shop, despite repeated orders to do so, but was denied by a county judge. And Shiawassee County Sheriff Brian BeGole said his department would not enforce Whitmer’s orders.

This #Resistance is going to play out over and over again throughout the country as Americans get fed up with local Democrat politicians ruining their lives.

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