Whitmer: ‘Important to Show up, Show Solidarity’ With Protesters

Whitmer: ‘Important to Show up, Show Solidarity’ With Protesters

June 9, 2020

Monday on MSNBC Live, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer defended her lockdown-busting attendance at a recent protest, stating she thought it was important “to show solidarity” with protesters.

“I wore a mask the whole time,” Whitmer stated. “I did not greet people the way that I usually do with hugs or handshakes or high-fives. I recognize that that is how COVID-19 spreads. But our right to demonstrate, this First Amendment right is something that, in this moment, I thought it was important to show up, to show solidarity with so many who are protesting police brutality in our country…

“So, as people protest, I’ve asked them to keep wearing the mask, to try to socially distance, but it’s not always going to be something that you can do, especially in a march like this… It is the throwing of your voice, the projecting that actually creates the place where COVID-19 is spreading.”

So mass protests are fine if you take reasonable precautions. Meanwhile her draconian lockdown policies wrecked Minnesota businesses and industry, and cost countless jobs.

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