Whitmer ‘Guffaws’ Over Prospect of Arresting Trump

Whitmer ‘Guffaws’ Over Prospect of Arresting Trump

February 8, 2021

In an interview with Steve Friess of Hour Detroit, Michigan’s tyrannical Gov. Gretchen Whitmer revealed that she struggles with how to make residents do as she tells them, and let out a “real guffaw” when fantasizing about arresting former President Trump.

Asked why she allowed “massive, mostly maskless” Trump rallies in Michigan which violated the state’s restrictions on large public gatherings, Whitmer replied, “Uh, Steve, what am I gonna do? Arrest the president of the United States?” Friess responds with a deadpan grin, “It’d be fun to watch,” and then Whitmer lets loose a “real guffaw and takes a few seconds to be amused by the mental image before bringing herself back to the point.”

The governor claimed she was “being facetious” about the prospect of arresting Trump for violating her mandates, but added, “one of the things that’s been hard throughout 2020 is people always want to know, what is the enforcement? What is the punishment? How do we make everyone do the right thing?”

Whitmer’s restrictions on crowd sizes and other mandates issued through executive order were ruled unconstitutional in early October by the state Supreme Court. This week she backed down over her ban on winter school sports when Let Them Play Michigan, a group of student-athletes and parents, along with the Michigan Amateur Youth Hockey League, and the family of a deceased high school hockey player, filed a lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

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