Whitmer: Conservative Media Coverage of Freedom Convoy ‘Downright Dangerous’

Whitmer: Conservative Media Coverage of Freedom Convoy ‘Downright Dangerous’

February 11, 2022

Friday on CNN’s New Day, tyrannical Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) criticized conservative media members for “inciting and encouraging people to break the law” with their “downright dangerous” coverage of the Freedom Convoy of Canadian truckers protesting pandemic restrictions.

“Obviously, we cannot incite and encourage people to break the law, especially when it means they are throwing other Americans out of work and creating an economic crisis that we were just recovering from,” the hypocrite Whitmer stated.

Whitmer was one of the most totalitarian of Democrat leaders through the manufactured pandemic, wreaking economic devastation throughout her state with draconian COVID restrictions and mandates. Now she wants to claim that the truckers are damaging the economy.

“[I] t’s dangerous,” she continued. “They’re inciting and encouraging people to break the law. And to do so in a way that devastates so many hard-working people — this is families, this is businesses in America that rely on this commerce free-flowing. This is five days, and it has already taken a toll of tens of millions of dollars. That number compounds over time. And any encouragement for people to replicate this and break the law and devastate our economy is not just devastating to our national bottom line but to individual households, to businesses, to agriculture. So, it’s incredibly, I think, you know, unhelpful and downright dangerous.”

Her hypocrisy and projection, even for a leftist, are jaw-dropping and yet utterly predictable. The left always falsely accuses their political opponents of that of which they themselves are most guilty.

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