Whitmer Complains Michigan Capitol is Rife with ‘Sexism’

Whitmer Complains Michigan Capitol is Rife with ‘Sexism’

April 1, 2021

In an interview Monday in Bridge magazine, Michigan’s tyrannical Gov. Gretchen Whitmer complained that the state capitol is rife with “sexism.”

“It’s really depressing, honestly,” Whitmer added. “This culture hasn’t changed. This isn’t new. “What is new is that there’s a bold set of women in the workforce that aren’t going to take it. They are documenting and they are speaking their truths, and that I find a great deal of inspiration in.”

Whitmer’s claim coincidentally came as scandals mount her lethally incompetent response to the coronavirus and over a secret agreement her administration struck with former Department of Health and Human Services Director Robert Gordon to maintain confidentiality about his time in her government.

“She always uses her gender as a fallback to defend herself and play the victim,” State Rep. Daire Rendon (R) told Breitbart News. “Truth is, she made those decisions on her own, and she cannot find any other reason to shift the blame and deflect the spotlight.” Rendon added that she has not “seen any evidence” of sexism at the capitol.

“As with anything in life, context is key. The governor’s comment was political – she’s name calling to fit a political narrative, painting herself as the victim to excuse her lack of interaction with the legislature from the very beginning,” State Sen. Lana Theis also told Breitbart News. “She’s trying to win hearts and minds and, thus, sympathy, headlines and votes. To blanketly state that the Capitol is rife with sexism ignores reality.

The three top elected officials in Michigan are women. Female lawmakers like myself serve as chairwomen of numerous committees, addressing the most important issues of our time.  Female legislators were elected by both male and female colleagues to positions of leadership within our own caucuses. A significant number of legislators’ most trusted advisors – their chiefs of staff — are women. The evidence does not support her accusation…

“The easiest thing to do politically these days is for someone to blame sexism for their own lack of ability to work with people,” Theis concluded.

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