Whitmer Claims to Have ‘Incredible Empathy’ for Small Businesses She Destroys

Whitmer Claims to Have ‘Incredible Empathy’ for Small Businesses She Destroys

November 19, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s New Day, tyrannical Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer discussed her new, draconian coronavirus lockdown that will “temporarily halt in-person instruction at high schools and colleges, dine-in service at restaurants and bars, and high school athletics as well as close some businesses, including movie theaters, bowling alleys and casinos.”

“First, let me say, you know, the restaurant industry has really had a tough year because of COVID because there’s not been a national strategy and we have seen COVID just explode across the country in waves,” Whitmer said. “This is really driven by our epidemiologists and our public health experts that tell us it’s inherently dangerous with the kind of community spread that we have all across Michigan and all across the Midwest and, frankly, all across the country…

“I have incredible empathy for what [small businesses are] struggling with,” she continued, “and yet we have to follow the epidemiology, the public health experts and make decisions that combat the spread before our hospitals get overwhelmed and before we hit 1,000 deaths a week in Michigan because that’s what the modeling is telling us where we’re headed right now.”

The “public health experts” Whitmer listens to have a vested interest in inciting panic and acquiring power. Meanwhile, the lockdowns themselves create other health crises and destroy the small businesses Whitmer claims to care about.

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