White House Scolds Emanuel For Mocking China On Social Media

White House Scolds Emanuel For Mocking China On Social Media

September 22, 2023

According to an NBC News report published Wednesday, the White House has chastised U.S. Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel for mocking China in social media posts.

“President Xi’s cabinet lineup is now resembling Agatha Christie’s novel ‘And Then There Were None,’” read one of the posts in question. “First, Foreign Minister Qin Gang goes missing, then the Rocket Force commanders go missing, and now Defense Minister Li Shangfu hasn’t been seen in public for two weeks. Who’s going to win this unemployment race? China’s youth or Xi’s cabinet? #MysteryInBeijingBuilding.”

In a second post Emanuel wrote, “As Shakespeare wrote in Hamlet, ‘Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.’ 1st: Defense Minister Li Shangfu hasn’t been seen or heard from in 3 weeks. 2nd: He was a no-show for his trip to Vietnam. Now: He’s absent from his scheduled meeting with the Singaporean Chief of Navy because he was placed on house arrest???… Might be getting crowded in there. Good news is I heard he’s paid off his mortgage with the Country Garden real estate developers. #MysteryInBeijingBuilding.”

NBC’s report said that according to several sources, neither Chinese officials nor the Biden administration were pleased.

Puppet President Biden reiterated his subservience to China in recent remarks before the United Nations General Assembly: “When it comes to China, let me be clear and consistent. We seek to responsibly manage competition between our countries so it does not tip into conflict. I’ve said we are for de-risking — not decoupling — with China.”

That’s because China owns Biden. Apparently Rahm Emanuel didn’t get that memo.

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