Kamala Gets Cake in Chicago Instead of Solving Border Crisis

Kamala Gets Cake in Chicago Instead of Solving Border Crisis

April 7, 2021

During a press briefing on Wednesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki defended Vice President Kamala Harris for traveling to Chicago this week instead of devoting herself to getting the border crisis under control, as she had been tasked by the president with doing.

Harris went to Chicago on Tuesday to promote getting coronavirus vaccination shots. She also stopped by the Brown Sugar Bakery there and picked up a piece of cake to go.

“While she was there, like many Americans, she got a snack, I think she’s allowed to do that,” Psaki said sarcastically when asked about the visit to the bakery. The border crisis, Psaki insisted, “is absolutely an issue that she remains committed to, is in the lead on.”

But Psaki clarified that Harris was more focused on handling the “root causes” of migration in the countries of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Root causes.

While Harris enjoys her cake and researches the root causes of migration from sh*thole countries to the United States under the open-borders Biden administration, a tsunami of illegals is flooding our southern border now. The short-, medium-, and long-term impact will be incalculable.

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