Cornel West: ‘I Don’t Hate Biden But I Hate Biden’s Hypocrisy

Cornel West: ‘I Don’t Hate Biden But I Hate Biden’s Hypocrisy

June 16, 2023

Thursday on FNC’s The Ingraham Angle, third-party presidential candidate Cornel West slammed both former President Trump and President Biden.

Partial transcript:

INGRAHAM: One thing I want to say, Dr. West, one thing I’m very curious about because on this seminal issues like you and I disagree on a lot but you and I actually agree on a lot. On the surveillance state, on — on perpetual war, on the Wall Street influence in politics, we agree on a lot of things. To me, it seems like you’re closer in many ways to, to populist conservatives on those types of issues, than you are the, the modern Democrat Party, and I know you’re running as a Green.

But can’t you tonight say that Donald Trump did more for African Americans in the inner city with increased real median income, increased entrepreneurial opportunities, criminal justice reform, all the things that he did when he was president, given all the investigations, all the stuff that was happening, can’t you recognize that he actually was doing his best at the time to stand up for disenfranchised people with an economy that was actually growing for the first time, what for real median income was growing for all demographic groups?

WEST: But — but you have to acknowledge that the grotesque wealth and inequality was increasing even as those low unemployment rates were in place. Now I give him credit for the low unemployment rates. But the problem with Brother Trump is very important to keep in mind you know, we got to do away with all his hatred and revenge. I don’t hate Trump; I hate the lies and I hate the gangster activity and I hate the kind of neo-fascist language he uses.

When he trashes Muslims, when he trashes, calling black folk, football players sons of bitch. No, his language with its neo-fascist and he was still tied to big military. Still allowing Wall Street to get away. That’s, that’s where you and I would disagree. That’s where, that’s where we disagree.

INGRAHAM: But, Dr. Cornell, the left targeted him —

WEST: I don’t hate Biden but Biden, but I hate Biden’s hypocrisy. I hate his neo-liberal policies.

INGRAHAM: But the surveillance state has — the surveillance state that you and I, and I think a lot of conservatives have grown incredibly mistrustful of and that’s outside influence of the Pentagon —

WEST: Absolutely.

INGRAHAM: They were all turned against Trump. So we have to acknowledge that Milley, the whole Milley, all against Trump, all of them. Why were they against Trump if he was a big threat?

WEST: It’s because of that neo-liberal apparatus wanted to retain its status and Trump came in as a critic from the right wing.


WEST: And that’s where the neo-fascism comes in: by trashing immigrants, trashing too many precious gay brothers and lesbian sisters and so forth.

INGRAHAM: He wasn’t trashing immigrants. I know you’re — that’s your line, Cornell.

Yes, that’s his line. Trump didn’t trash all immigrants or any gay people, but radicals like Cornel West have to prop up a false, demonizing narrative that the Right is all about “hate.”

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