West Hires Former Marianne Williamson Campaign Manager

West Hires Former Marianne Williamson Campaign Manager

September 12, 2023

Cornel West, who is running in the presidential race as a Green Party candidate, announced on Sunday that Peter Daou is now working as his campaign manager.

The press release from West’s campaign described Daou as a “respected activist, adviser, writer, and musician” with more than 20 years of “national political experience.”

“He has advised major progressive organizations and has held senior positions in several Democratic presidential campaigns,” the press release continued. Notably, Daou previously served as campaign manager of Marianne Williamson but left “after much consideration” earlier in 2023.

Initially, there were reports that Daou left Williamson’s campaign because it was going too progressive, with one Williamson staffer asserting Daou “comes from a background of what you would call traditional Democratic politics, and Marianne is looking for something a bit more innovative,” according to Politico. Daou called that “categorically false.”

“It is an honor to be part of Dr. Cornel West’s historic campaign for president. Dr. West is a man of deep personal integrity, great accomplishment, and far-reaching vision,” Daou said in a statement provided in the press release.

He continued:

His presence in the 2024 race gives voters an exceptional choice for truth and justice beyond the corrupt and corrosive duopoly. Democracy means choice, it means options for voters, not coronations and vote-shaming. It is long past time to practice democracy rather than just pay it lip service. I intend to work with Dr. West, his incredible team, the Green Party, and our allies across the political spectrum to give voice to the people.

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