West: Bernie Will Remove ‘Neo-Fascist Gangster’ Trump

West: Bernie Will Remove ‘Neo-Fascist Gangster’ Trump

February 11, 2020

Race-mongering Harvard professor Cornel West told Bernie Sanders supporters at a rally in Durham, New Hampshire Monday night that “neo-fascist gangster” Trump must be removed from the White House.

“Let the word go forth here and now, we’re on our way to the White House,” West said. “And we are going to remove our fellow citizen, a neo-fascist gangster from the White House now in Manchester, he’s got to go. You got to go! You got to go!”

“A neo-fascist believes that the rule of big military and big money, dividing people up by their color, by their class, by their sexual orientation, by their religion or non-religion to ensure we’re at each other’s throats rather than confronting the elites at the top,” West added. “My brother Bernie Sanders says no!”

“This is no ordinary campaign,” West continued, claiming it is more of “a spiritual and moral coming together.” But his fellow Marxist Bernie never talks about spirituality or morality, only about the redistribution of wealth. Socialism is his religion.

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