Waters: We Will ‘Convince’ Senate Republicans to Impeach

Waters: We Will ‘Convince’ Senate Republicans to Impeach

October 8, 2019

Tuesday on the nationally syndicated talk show The Real, impeachment-obsessed Rep. Maxine Waters declared that House Democrats could convince Senate Republicans to impeach President Trump.

“I believe that when you connect the dots, when you have the facts that we can convince some folks,” Waters said. “If you take a look at what’s happening with the Republicans now, this new revelation about him pulling our troops out of protecting the Kurds so that Turkey can move in and invade and create all kind of harm.”

“I do believe that while [Republicans ] don’t want to do it because many of them are afraid they won’t be reelected, particularly if they are in those states where he won, but I think if the information is overwhelming that they’re going to have a hard time. The polls this morning was very encouraging. The polls are saying 48 or 49% of Americans said they want him out out.”

Imagine how much this country could accomplish if Democrats put a fraction of their impeachment energy toward making America great again.

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