Waters: Trump’s Mental Health an Impeachment Consideration

Waters: Trump’s Mental Health an Impeachment Consideration

January 7, 2020

Sunday on MSNBC’s Kasie DC, Rep. Maxine Waters claimed that President Trump’s questionable “mental stability” is an argument for his impeachment.

In addition to claiming Trump is a documented liar, Waters said “We also know that from afar, you’ve had psychiatrists wondering about his mental stability. We know that the president tweets. We know that he basically makes up his mind…

“So, American people need to know what we’re dealing with here because it is not about which party they are going to align themselves with,” Waters added. “It’s whether or not they can trust the president of the United States, whether or not he’s a liar, whether or not he’s a — mental health is good. It is whether or not he’s presidential, yes.”

Any psychiatrist who would publicly offer an opinion about the President’s mental stability without making a personal evaluation is not a legitimate psychiatrist but a Democrat operative. And Rep. Waters should be careful about calling the kettle black.

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