Waters: Trump Wants Blacks ‘to Live Under… White Power’

Waters: Trump Wants Blacks ‘to Live Under… White Power’

June 29, 2020

Sunday on MSNBC, Rep. Maxine Waters stated President Trump’s retweeting of a video of an apparent supporter shouting “white power” is evidence he wants blacks to “live under the domination of white power.”

“[S]ince he’s been president and increasingly we’re hearing all kinds of racist comments. People, the white men who just did that, they felt empowered by this president, that it is all right to do this now, to talk like this…” Waters claimed.

“So this country cannot progress as long as this president is in office and basically dog-whistling to this kind of constituency…” she added. “As he said, we have to take back our country. Who is he talking about taking it back from? Basically, he’s talking about whites being in total power, and total control and blacks and people of color and others are having to live under the domination of white power as they see it.”

This is idiotic. Trump means taking it back from the radicals empowered by the Divider-in-Chief Barack Obama. There’s nothing racial about it, but what would Waters do without race-mongering demagoguery?

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