Waters: Trump Trying to ‘Threaten’ Congress

Waters: Trump Trying to ‘Threaten’ Congress

May 23, 2019

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Hardball, Rep. Maxine Waters said Congress would not allow President Trump to use infrastructure to stop Congress investigating him.

“I never trusted him and, of course, it turns out, today he’s made up an excuse about why he’s not going to proceed with them on infrastructure and basically blackmailing them and talking about if you want to get infrastructure, you got to stop all investigations,” Waters told host Chris Matthews.

“If he’s simply going to leverage it and use it to threaten Nancy Pelosi and [Chuck] Schumer in exchange for quitting all of the investigations, well, we got a problem. We have a real problem because we’re not going to allow him to intimidate or threaten us,” she added.

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