Waters: Trump ‘Talking About Killing Young White Children’

Waters: Trump ‘Talking About Killing Young White Children’

June 3, 2020

Appearing Tuesday on Cheddar Live, Rep. Maxine Waters officially endorsed cognitively-impaired Joe Biden for President, claiming Trump is “destroying America” and calling for the killing of black and white children in the wake of nationwide protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody.

“I know there have been some concerns about Biden,” Waters said in the Understatement of the Year, “but I see a growing understanding that he must be elected. He must be elected because this president is destroying America. And not only is he goading confrontation, this business of calling out the military, now he’s not only talking about killing black people, he’s talking about killing young white children.”

Trump has done no such thing, but such outrageous demagoguery is par for the course with Waters.

Waters went on to blather that no one is going to “stand for your white daughter, your white son to be killed by the military because this president is using it as a campaign tool” to inspire his supporters. Insane.

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