Waters: Trump is ‘Dangerous to This Country’

Waters: Trump is ‘Dangerous to This Country’

December 16, 2019

Rep. Maxine Waters, who has done nothing for her constituents for the last three years besides lead chants for the impeachment of President Trump, unleashed a desperate, unhinged rant on MSNBC’s AM Joy in which she claimed he is “dangerous to this country.”

“The Constitution gives us the responsibility for impeachment when there is a president that’s dangerous to this country and when there is a president who’s ignoring the constitution who committed a high crime and misdemeanor,” Waters declared. “We have done our job. The Judiciary Committee has gotten a resolution out of the Judiciary Committee it is going Committee, it is going to come out the floor. We are going to vote and support the Judiciary Committee and impeachment resolutions that will come forward.”

“Watch what happens in the Senate,” she continued, suggesting the Senate will support House Democrats in their impeachment efforts.

Yes, watch what happens. Impeachment is going to hit a brick wall in the Senate, because it’s a sham.

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