Waters: Trump ‘Is a Wanna-Be Dictator Acting Like a Dictator’

Waters: Trump ‘Is a Wanna-Be Dictator Acting Like a Dictator’

July 30, 2020

Unhinged Rep. Maxine Waters told TMZ on Wednesday that President Trump is “acting like a dictator” by sending federal agents to Portland to handle the rioting which Democrat leaders refuse to address.

“There are many folks who have said, and I have repeated that what going on in Portland, Oregon is practice for what could happen when the president —if he decides he is not going to step down that he is going to stay in the White House,” Waters rambled. “All of this is unfortunate. Nothing that we ever expected to happen in this country.

“This president is a wanna-be dictator acting like a dictator,” she continued. “This use of the military where he is bringing out unarmed—not unarmed but unidentified persons who are dressed in certain camouflaged clothing that you can’t tell where they are coming from. They don’t have any badges. They have unmarked cars. That is dangerous and scary. The people of America had better be concerned.”

The people of America deserve better than the fear-mongering demagoguery of Maxine Waters.

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