Waters: Trump ‘Dismantling’ P.O. Over Voting-by-Mail Fears

Waters: Trump ‘Dismantling’ P.O. Over Voting-by-Mail Fears

August 24, 2020

Saturday on MSNBC, tiresome anti-Trump crusader Rep. Maxine Waters theorized that the President believes he will not win if voting-by-mail is allowed, and so he is attempting to “dismantle” the U.S. Post Office.

Asked what she will ask Postmaster General Louis DeJoy when he testifies to the House, Waters replied, “Well, the first thing I’d like to ask him is what qualifies you to be the postmaster general? Did you get appointed simply because you’re a big contributor to the president and to the Republican Party? And why were you sent here? What is your mission? Was your mission to do what you’ve started to do, dismantle machines that are responsible for sorting mail to get rid of overtime, to remove the blue boxes from our neighborhoods? Is that what you were sent here to do?”

She continued, “Were you given this mission by the president of the United States because he’s afraid of… mail-in voting? Was he afraid of this to the point where he’s willing to basically, you know, have a scorched earth policy to dismantle the Postal Services in order to win?”

Democrats are perpetuating this Post Office conspiracy theory to cover their own desperate fear that they can’t win without voting-by-mail.

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