Waters: Trump Cannot Just Wipe Away His Pandemic Failure

Waters: Trump Cannot Just Wipe Away His Pandemic Failure

April 10, 2020

Thursday on MSNBC’s All In, Rep. Maxine Waters said President Trump cannot wipe away the history of his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The president doesn’t look too good,” claimed Waters. “He has confused people. He’s sent the wrong messages. He’s been giving advice he should not have given. Now I think that perhaps they believe that they can wipe away that history. I want to tell you it’s going to remain recorded.

“We’re going to fight for everything,” she continued. Those Republicans who are getting in line and who are fighting with us understand it’s not just people that they think are undeserving that are getting help, it is all across this country in all of our congressional districts, big and small and middle-sized and all of that.”

Waters is doing nothing to help her constituents in the pandemic. She has spent the last 3 years impotently calling for Trump’s impeachment and smearing him as incompetent and corrupt on propaganda outlets like MSNBC. Her constituents deserve better.

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