Waters Scolds Cops: When Will They ‘Stop Killing Black People?’

Waters Scolds Cops: When Will They ‘Stop Killing Black People?’

August 28, 2020

On Twitter on Wednesday, unhinged Trump hater Rep. Maxine Waters finally decided to denounce the violence tearing the country apart — by scolding police officers instead of the violent rioters torching U.S. cities.

“When will it stop? When will the police that we pay to protect & serve stop killing black people?” Waters had the nerve to ask, while ignoring another night of violent riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, among other places where Black Lives Matter and Antifa “mostly peaceful” protesters have raged unchecked.

“In the words of Doc Rivers: ‘We keep loving this country, and this country does not love us back?’ But love doesn’t last forever!” she continued. “Another unarmed black man, shot in the back, by a WI police officer! No matter the outrage at the killing of George Floyd by a police officer, knee on his neck, the killing of black men continues. Is this a defiance by the police that indicates they don’t intend to stop?”

As usual, this is more of Waters’ relentless race-mongering demagoguery. The “unarmed” black man she’s referring to was armed with a knife and had brawled with police and resisted arrest before being shot after ignoring police commands to reach into the cab of his truck.

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