Waters on Kamala as VP: Black Women Have Arrived’

Waters on Kamala as VP: Black Women Have Arrived’

August 12, 2020

Tuesday on MSNBC’s The ReidOut, anti-Trump obsessive Rep. Maxine Waters said Democrat nominee Joe Biden‘s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate signaled that black women “have arrived.”

“I am overjoyed,” Waters exulted. “I feel that this historic moment is one that I will savor for many, many years to come. To tell you the truth, I witnessed the first woman who was selected to be vice president, Geraldine Ferraro, when I was in the women’s movement. At that time, we couldn’t even envision an African-American woman being chosen to be the vice president. And here we are today with this historic moment where Kamala Harris has been chosen. I am overjoyed by this decision.”

She added, “I think one of the things we must realize is that Black women have arrived. Black women are now extraordinarily influential in the block party. Black women have demonstrated they are loyal to the Democratic Party, and they have shown that not only will they vote, but they will get out the vote.”

Kamala couldn’t even get out the vote in her home state California when campaigning for the nomination. Not “African-American,” she won’t secure the vote of the black community, which is unenthusiastic about her and even more so about Biden.

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