Waters: Manchin Killing Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ is ‘Disgusting’

Waters: Manchin Killing Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ is ‘Disgusting’

December 20, 2021

Sunday on MSNBC’s Alex Witt Reports, unhinged anti-Trump demagogue Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) called Sen. Joe Manchin’s (D-WV) announcement he would not vote for President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better Act “disgusting.”

“While Manchin is exercising unusual power because of the numbers and is willing to be one man, one person that will hold up assistance to the American people, is absolutely disgusting and amazing to me,” Waters stated inarticulately. “In that bill, we have the child tax credit, where we’re having to eliminate poverty for children in this country. I have in that bill money for housing. The cost of housing is exploding. We need to build affordable housing. We need to do something about homelessness.”

The idea that the ill-named Build Back Better Act is going to eliminate childhood poverty, homelessness, and expensive housing is nothing short of lunacy. And indeed, the Act is not designed to do those things; it is designed to “fundamentally transform” our capitalist economy and consolidate leftist power.

“I don’t know how he thinks he’s going to get away with this,” Waters threatened. “As a matter of fact, I agree with Bernie Sanders. Put the bill up and let [Manchin] stand before the American people and tell them that he does not support child care and climate change, and housing assistance for people who are desperately in need of rental assistance and the ability to have safe and secure housing. If he wants to be that person that will stand up before the American people and deny assistance to the people of this country, put the bill up on the floor and let him vote it up or down.”

Waters’ angry frustration is evidence that she and her party are being thwarted in their lust for power by a lone dissident. And if there is one thing the left does not tolerate, it is dissidence.

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