Waters: Investigations into Trump’s Finances Will Continue

Waters: Investigations into Trump’s Finances Will Continue

January 25, 2021

Friday on MSNBC’s Live, House Financial Services Committee chair and unhinged Trump-hater Rep. Maxine Waters vowed to continue her congressional investigations into the former President’s finances.

Her committee had previously subpoenaed Trump’s finances. Asked if its investigation into his finances would continue, Waters replied, “Yes. We have not stopped. We will continue. We have some subpoenas that we have issued recently. We will continue our work. I’m very pleased that I think we’re going to have excellent cooperation from Deutsche Bank, who have made their own decisions about not dealing with him anymore as many financial institutions have. We are going to continue our work.”

What a grotesque waste of taxpayer money and lawmakers’ time. Waters has done nothing for her constituents during Trump’s tenure except lead chants of “Impeach 45!” and urge her fellow Democrats to harass his supporters in the public square. Now that he’s out of office, she is still obsessing over punishing him purely out of ideological vindictiveness, even at the expense — literally — of her constituents’ money.

Meanwhile, one of the most corrupt members of her own party has ascended to the Presidency, and nary a peep is heard from Mad Max about Joe Biden’s international influence-peddling and financial ties to the Chinese Communist regime.

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