Waters: Haitians Not Being Treated Like Human Beings ‘Because They Are Black’

Waters: Haitians Not Being Treated Like Human Beings ‘Because They Are Black’

September 29, 2021

Sunday on MSNBC’s Alex Witt Reports, unhinged demagogue Rep. Maxine Waters claimed that Haitian migrants overwhelming our southern border had not been treated “as human beings” because they are black.

The race-mongering Waters said, “They should treat them like they are treating the Afghans. We’re bringing Afghans by the thousands into the country, and they deserve to be brought in because they assisted us in the war. That’s how they should be treating the Haitians, bringing in those who are eligible, vaccinating and making sure that we’re not simply trying to drive them back with our border patrol on horses, with their reins, looking at if they’re beating them.”

Fact check: we allowed countless more Afghans into the country than we should have, since only a small percentage actually assisted us against the Taliban. As Waters said, those deserved it. But when asked why the Haitians have been treated differently from the Afghan refugees, Waters reached predictably for the race card. “Let me just say this, that Haitians have been the victims of, you know, not only our country but Canada and France, for years, historically. They’re black. They’re poor. It’s the poorest country in the hemisphere. They have been exploited.”

She added, “Yes, I think they’re treated differently because they’re black, because they’re Haitians, and because traditionally they have not been treated as human beings.”

What stupid demagoguery. The Haitians are not poor because we exploited them, and our Border Patrol attempted to stem the tide of the 15,000 Haitian migrants storming our border because unlike the Afghans, they were not invited here as a reward for being allies in the war. They were trying to get in illegally. It had nothing to do with being black, but Waters has nothing else up her sleeve but the race card.

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