Waters: ‘Disgusted’ by GOP Reps Who Supported TX Lawsuit

Waters: ‘Disgusted’ by GOP Reps Who Supported TX Lawsuit

December 16, 2020

Saturday on MSNBC, Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferer Rep. Maxine Waters smeared the 126 House Republicans who signed on to Texas’s case before the Supreme Court to overturn swing states election results as gutless.

Asked what she thought “should happen to these members who joined in these ridiculous lawsuits,” Waters replied, “Well, some of our members are advocating for not seating them at all. I suspect that that may not happen. I think the attitude is we’ve got to keep moving. We’ve got to move forward.

“So when we talk about certain things that could be done, investigations, not seating, in some way penalizing, I think there’s not a lot of support for that, but we’re going to have to see how strong members are going to be, particularly on our side of the aisle because we are so disgusted, we are so absolutely outraged that 126 members of Congress don’t have any guts, that they would dare sign on to an amicus brief that comes out of Texas even though they know in some of their states that Biden absolutely won their states.”

Fact check: there is a mountain of evidence that massive leftist voter fraud swayed the election results in the swing states where Democrats claim Biden won. What’s “disgusting” and “outrageous” is that the Democrat leaders like Waters know it, their media enablers at MSNBC know it, they know we know they know it, and they don’t care, because winning is everything for them.

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