Waters: ‘Dangerous’ Trump Doesn’t Care About Constitution

Waters: ‘Dangerous’ Trump Doesn’t Care About Constitution

August 22, 2020

Another day, another anti-Trump tirade from Rep. Maxine Waters. Thursday on MSNBC’s The Beat, Waters claimed President Trump does not care about the law or the Constitution, and that makes him “dangerous.”

“No one is above the law,” Waters said, regurgitating the left’s hypocritical mantra. “This president has taken the position that he’s immune from prosecution. He’s immune from being indicted, and he basically can do whatever he wants to do. This is very dangerous. As a matter of fact, the Constitution could not have written everything that a president is not allowed to do, so it’s a very powerful position. The president must have integrity, must be about serving this country, and not being immune from the law, not being above the law.

“But he has indicated in everything that he’s done that he doesn’t care about the law, he doesn’t care about the Constitution,” she added. “He has shown us that he’s willing to do whatever he thinks he needs to do, whether it has to do with a law being questioned or the United States Post office that he wants to dismantle.”

Waters has made demonizing and lying about Trump, as well as covering for Democrat criminality, her full-time job in Congress. Her constituents deserve better.

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