Waters: Biden Win the ‘Dawn of a New Progressive America’

Waters: Biden Win the ‘Dawn of a New Progressive America’

November 14, 2020

At a hearing on Thursday, anti-Trump hysteric Rep. Maxine Waters claimed laughably that this month’s presidential election gave decrepit Democrat candidate Joe Biden a “mandate” which will usher in “the dawn of a new progressive America.”

“On November 3, American decisively rejected President Trump, his harmful policies, and his dangerous rhetoric,” Waters pontificated. “The American people have given President-elect Joe Biden a mandate to reverse the harmful policies of the Trump administration.”

Um, no, Americans didn’t. On the contrary, Trump was on his way to a landslide when panicked Democrats literally put a stop to the vote count until they could muster enough voter fraud to give Biden a leg up. Trump received more votes than he did in 2016 and more votes than any sitting president in history. In addition, Republicans secured control of the Senate. That is not a mandate for Biden.

“It is clear that America wants an economic system that works for them and not against them,” Waters continued. Where has she been for the last four years? The Trump economy was booming, especially for minorities, until Democrats shut down businesses for months under the coronavirus pandemic.

She added, “With the historic election of this country’s first woman and person of color to serve as vice president, it is already changing for the better and under my leadership the committee has led the way on diversity and inclusion.”

Waters has never exhibited leadership in office, unless it’s leading chants of “Impeach 45!” against Trump and inciting the public harassment of his supporters. Waters has not changed one life for the better among her constituents.

“We are emerging from the dark days of the Trump administration into the dawn of a new progressive America,” she concluded. Fact check: under a Biden administration this country will go from a resurgence of American exceptionalism to a dystopian socialist nightmare.

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