Warren: ‘We’re Going to Be on’ Oil Companies For Price Gouging

Warren: ‘We’re Going to Be on’ Oil Companies For Price Gouging

March 9, 2022

Tuesday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, radical harpy Sen. Elizabeth Warren reacted to President Biden’s ban on U.S. imports of Russian oil and gas by stating that Congress should monitor the profits of oil companies to ensure that “profit margins do not go up.”

After Warren praised the Russian oil ban as “the right thing to do” to put economic pressure on Putin, propagandist host Andrea Mitchell played a clip from Biden’s announcement in which he stated that oil companies shouldn’t take advantage of the situation. Then she asked, “So, should Congress be monitoring profiteering?”

Warren responded, “Absolutely, and actually, we are. I’m co-sponsoring, with Sen. Whitehouse and others, a bill on a windfall profits tax. Look, we get it, supply and demand, that prices go up. But profit margins should not go up. That’s just oil companies gouging when they do that. So, we’re going to be on them on this.”

The oil companies aren’t the problem, of course. The problem is Democrat politicians like Warren and their media enablers like Mitchell, both of whom are trying to blame the oil companies for the left’s policies targeting the fossil fuel industry.

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