Warren: We Need Big Tech Rules to ‘Break’ Musk’s Stranglehold

Warren: We Need Big Tech Rules to ‘Break’ Musk’s Stranglehold

April 29, 2022

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The Beat, radical Sen. Elizabeth “You didn’t build that” Warren (D-MA) said Tesla billionaire Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter shows that America needs “rules of the road for big tech.”

Warren said, “We need to make two big changes. The first one is we need a wealth tax in America. Let’s talk about how Elon’s purchase here was subsidized by tens of millions of people who have paid their taxes every year. The second part is we need rules of the road for Big Tech. But ultimately, what all of this boils down to is power. Who’s going to have the power in our country? Are we going to make these decisions as a democracy, or is this going to be Elon Musk all by himself off in a room, a bazillionaire who just plays by his own set of rules, and that’s really what’s at stake here.”

A bazillionaire like Mark Zuckerberg? Jack Dorsey? George Soros? Because Warren has never had an issue with those far-left bazillionaires and the power they wield.

Warren added, “Rules of the road could help facilitate that kind of competition and frankly, break the stranglehold of someone like Elon Musk coming in and owning the whole thing.”

In fact, what worries Warren is that she wants the leftist bazillionaires of Big Tech to control speech in the virtual public square, and libertarian Musk threatens that stranglehold.

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