Warren: We Can’t Allow GOP to ‘Steal a Second Seat’ on Court

Warren: We Can’t Allow GOP to ‘Steal a Second Seat’ on Court

September 23, 2020

In an Instagram interview with comedian/activist Billy Eichner on Monday, failed presidential nominee Elizabeth Warren warned that Republicans must not be allowed to “steal a second seat” on the Supreme Court when replacing the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Among other subjects such as climate change and debt forgiveness, Sen. Warren discussed the coming battle over who will succeed Ginsburg, saying voters must not allow Republicans to “steal a second seat” — an apparent reference to President Trump’s selection of Neil Gorsuch for the court over Barack Obama’s choice of Merrick Garland. “This is a throwdown fight. So much is at stake. We need a Supreme Court that’s looking out for us, not just big corporations,” Warren said.

She also told Eichner, “Kamala and Joe have got to win this” — emphasizing Kamala Harris‘ name first, which added more fuel to the growing speculation that the VP pick will be the Democrats’ stealth presidential candidate over the decrepit Joe Biden.

Warren also stressed that  the margin of victory needs to be wide enough so that “there’s no fighting after this election is over,” so she urged fellow Democrats to get involved on the national and local levels to win in November. Good luck, Senator — it’s going to take a lot of voter fraud for Democrats to win.

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