Warren Wants Trans Athletes Protected From ‘Cruel Bill’

Warren Wants Trans Athletes Protected From ‘Cruel Bill’

February 21, 2020

On Thursday, floundering presidential contender Elizabeth Warren tweeted that transgender athletes are “not a threat” and need protection from a “cruel bill” banning them from participating in women’s sports.

“Trans athletes are not a threat,” Warren tweeted. “We need to protect trans kids—and all LGBTQ+ kids—and ensure they feel safe and welcomed at school. I urge the Arizona legislature to reject this cruel bill.”

Arizona Republican Rep. Nancy Barto’s “Save Women’s Sports Act” would bar biological males from competing as females in state-sponsored sports leagues because of the unfair physical advantage. As the advocacy group Boys vs. Women noted in a tweet, “Had boys from the 2016 High School Nationals Swimming Finals competed in the 2016 Olympic Women’s Finals, the boys would have taken all but one medal (a bronze) – despite the women settings eight new World & Olympic Records.”

By campaigning against this bill at the expense of women athletes, Warren shows she’s willing to trash women’s rights on behalf of the bullying LGBT lobby.

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