Warren Wants to ‘Take Weapons of War Off Our Street’

Warren Wants to ‘Take Weapons of War Off Our Street’

October 25, 2019

During an October 24 town hall in New Hampshire, presidential contender Elizabeth Warren once again reiterated her support for gun confiscation, declaring that it is time to “take weapons of war off our street.”

“We should be doing background checks,” the radical Senator told the crowd, although gun sellers already conduct background checks. “We should take weapons of war off our street,” she added, although “weapons of war” are already illegal for the general populace, and even the federal government has ruled that AR-15s, which the left is fond of demonizing as military-grade killing machines, are not military weapons.

Warren also announced her support for ammunition controls. Breitbart News reports that she has also pushed for a federal limit on the number of guns Americans can purchase, and plans to use excise taxes to reduce firearm and ammunition sales.

Like totalitarians everywhere, Warren and her fellow Dem candidates agree: the people must be disarmed.

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