Warren Wants to ‘Include Vote by Mail’ in Coronavirus Package

Warren Wants to ‘Include Vote by Mail’ in Coronavirus Package

April 10, 2020

Failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren tweeted on Thursday that she wants Congress to include vote-by-mail in the next coronavirus relief package.

“This is a good step,” Warren said of the report of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo expanding absentee ballot use. “Other states should follow—and I’m calling on Congress to include vote by mail and other steps in the next coronavirus relief package to keep voters across the country safe and strengthen our democracy.”

Warren is demanding that Congress provide “no less than $4 billion to ensure that states have the resources they need to successfully administer elections.”

There is no need to include voting-by-mail in a stimulus package. “Let’s get our economy back on feet, and then we can debate about elections,” said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy this week. “Do not use this for political gains. That is wrong.”

Yes, but the Democrats are eager to capitalize on the coronavirus crisis to expand their options for voter fraud.

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